Before and After


This is the start of a long journey of exercise for me! I use to be told I was too skinny and now I am told I am getting fat! I don’t care what others say! However, I want to be comfortable in my own skin & HEALTHY so maybe if I post my exercise routines and life events/achievements in a blog someone else will have a way easier time getting healthy!

Today is Wednesday April 1st and I am meeting my mother at 5pm. Our warm up will be walking from my house to the local high school track. It is a 5 minute walk. Then we will run a 1/4 of a lap and walk 3/4 of a lap. We will repeat this 4 times. Then we will walk home to cool down. This should be fun. I am excited.

A few hours before my workout I am drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated and I am going to eat a snack a couple hours before working out and cook dinner afterword’s. Did I mention I will be trying to eat healthy?

I am posting this before picture in hopes that my body will change a bit over the next 6 months of training and running 5k runs.

  1. Heart rate per minute = 74 bpm,
  2. breaths per minute = 10 breaths
  3. blood pressure = 107/73
  4. weight =173.5lb
  5. body fat = 28.18
  6. Before picture =
  7. the beginning

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