My first week of training for 5k

Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday I ran a 1/4 of a lap and walked 3/4 of a lap. I repeated this 4 times so that I had walked/ran one mile. Wednesday I had no problem running it was almost too easy, Friday I felt a little burn in my calf’s and I had to run in the rain but that didn’t stop me because I bought one time rain coats(the pic at the bottom of post) , and Friday I had trouble breathing on my last lap but it could have been because I was around a lot of smokers the night before and their is no ventilation where I was.

The track at my local high school, which is the high school I graduated from, is in much better condition then when I was in school.

one time rain coat

One time rain coat^^^(, it kept me warm and dry while  walked home. That is not me by the way. 🙂




I just want to say I love my new Nike shoes, not just because they are my favorite color (turquoise), but because they fit great! The print matches the shoes 🙂

Crazy Weird Runner. My future for training and 5k.

Ummmm so, this is not my first blog but I hope it will be my last because I do not want to start another failed blog(where I start something and do not finish it.)

I guess I should introduce myself and the crazy weird runner page. I am Jessica and I am a 25-year-old female from Milan, Indiana. 1955 basketball state champs!< I had to say this for annoyance purposes.

I am not in shape. The last three years have been nothing but fast food and laziness. I use to run track in high school. I was 5’8″ and 125 lbs. but now I am 5’8″ 174 lbs. and I am not happy about this. I want to run again to accomplish these goals;

  • lose weight
  • get a few charity runs under my belt for my resume & because I like to be charitable.
  • to have fun
  • and to get in shape for fitness test at the local police departments.

I am also hoping to encourage the people around me to get into shape and do 5k with me. I found a running plan online  and put it into my calendar. I will post a copy of my plans on here for everyone to see. Also, I start my training Wednesday and that is 2 days from today! I am nervous and excited. I do not like to do things on my own and I feel like I am taking a path that I will have to finish on my own  when everyone around me quits. I am ready for this!

I will update you all on my journey Wednesday!

April2015 ONE MILE RUN

Here is a copy of my workout plans for april^^

Genisis; in the begnning she did not run and God said “LET HER RUN!” and she did.

Ok, so this is not the bible and this blog has nothing to do with the bible but did you know that Genesis means in the beginning? Well, what a great way to start, in the beginning. So, in the beginning I was fat, lazy, and unconnected to the running world. I hope to change this starting April 1st because I need to improve my life. Also, I know April 1st is April fools day but I swear I am not trying to fool any one! BE WARNED! I really like pictures so there will be a lot in my blog!genesis