Yesterdays Workout

So, I said I was going to run one mile straight and share my time. So here it is; 1 mile in 12miniutes and 34seconds. Q time was 10miniutes exactly and I was seriously proud of both of us. I stopped twice to stretch my calves so if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve my legs enough so that I do not have to stop and stretch them I would appreciate it. Anyways, besides running one mile straight we walked one mile afterwards then did 25 leg lifts and 7 pushups. I have been increasing our leg lifts and pushups every time we work out.

Still looking forward to my first run for the relay for life! It is in June. I will also be volunteering there!


Future Running Adventures


Today I received an email from the assistant professor of Ivy Tech Community College about the upcoming Relay for Life. They need volunteers to help with the relay. I am super excited about this because I can run and volunteer! I immediately emailed her back asking if I could help. She responded by asking me my t-shirt size and assured me they need volunteers who run and who just want to help. I messaged m friend T to ask if she would like to volunteer with me and she said she yes as long as she is not scheduled to work. I am very excited because, if you have been following my blog, you know that I have been working out and training for 5k runs and that my first run is supposed to be on July 4th but since I will be volunteering here I am thinking about making the Relay or Life my first run and that will be June 13-14th. I also love the fact that this run is to help find the cure for cancer! I do not know a single person who has not been affected in some way by cancer either their friends or family had it or they have had it. My boyfriend’s sister died at a very young age from it so I think this will be important to him and his family.

Besides the Relay for Life news, I have decided that today I am going to attempt to run a mile nonstop so that I can time myself. I also want to time my boyfriend because he is try to get a police position and he has to pass his physical and do better than everyone else to get the job. I cannot wait to find out our times and write them on here because after a couple months I would like to time each of us again and compare times. Up until now I have been running a quarter of a mile then walking a quarter then running then walking and so on until I run one mile walk one mile. It will be interesting to see if we can run an entire mile.

June is going to be an exciting month! The pools open, the sun is shining, and bring on the 5k runs!!

Working out can be easy, fun, and very benificial!!

In high school I ran track and I stayed with it even though it sucked because my friends pushed me to do it. The first thing I learned about running is if you find a dedicated running partner or join a team then it is very hard to quit because everyone hates letting their friends down. So when I decided to run again I knew that I needed a partner to run with but what I did not know is this time I WOULD ENJOY RUNNING! Why do I enjoy running now when I hated it in track? The reason is way simple! I am running the distance and pace that is right for my body. In high school track I had to run the same pace as the team, I had to run the same distance as the team, and worst of all I had to practice on the same days as the team even if it meant putting other fun activities aside.

When people run too far or to fast they push their bodies past their limit. The key to running is to start out slow and run a small amount then gradually increase your distance and adjust your pace overtime. Eventually you will find your pace and you will be running long distances in no time. I love to run now because I run with my boyfriend and we get to spend time together without phones or tv or interruption. I also love running because of all the great benefits I have enjoyed and that my boyfriend has enjoyed!

I have been running for one and a half months and already I have lost weight, stopped becoming out of breath when playing with my smallish brother, and gained a bit of confidence from being able to achieve my goals and enjoy myself. My boyfriend, who has high blood pressure, doesn’t have high blood pressure anymore!

Here are some more amazing facts about running!

  • It prevents breast cancer in women
  • Prevents heart attacks
  • Prevents blood clots
  • Naturally relieves stress and anxiety
  • Eliminates depression
  • This list could go farther…

The last thing that makes running fun is having something to look forward too! For me, I am looking forward to going to a lot of fun 5k runs and obstacle courses! There are 5k runs everywhere so find one and have fun! There are mud runs, color runs, obstacle runs, charity runs, and even food and beer runs!!!

So, all in all, remember if you want to love running then find a partner, workout at your own pace and distance, have fun, and enjoy the benefits!


Half way Through Month Two of Running

Okay, I have some good news and bad news. I will start with the bad news to get it out of the way. I threw my workout plans out the window! Unfortunately, I have shin splints and my feet have been going numb and I have been having shooting sharp pains in m hip and lower back. My body is not recovering well from workouts and that has lead me too completely change my plans AGAIN!. The Good news is I changed my plans a couple weeks ago so that I am not increasing the amount of distance I am running but instead I am running the same distance with the intentions of increasing the distance when it is easy for me to run the distance I am running now. In other words I have been running one mile for two weeks and have not increased my distance at all. This is good news because I have been recovering a little better recently and also my feet did not go numb the last time I worked out. Also, since I can not increase the miles I run I have increased other workouts I am doing and will continue to gradually increase them. I am currently doing pushups, leg raises, and stretches of course. I am following the 30 day challenge on Pinterest so I will post it. My goal is to increase my running distance a lot slower so I am improving my body and not hurting it. I SUGGEST BEGINNER RUNNERS TAKE IT SLOW! DONT TRY TO DO TO MUCH AT ONCE!

I intend to weigh myself and “all that jazz” at the end of the month and I will still be run/walking my 5ks as planned. I have grown to look forward to my workouts and I am learning a lot from other blogs!


One month of training results!

So after one month of training for my 5K I am excited to report that I have lost 4 lbs.! Also I am able to run farther and am out of breath less often. I weighed 174lbs and now I way 169lbs. My boyfriend, who has not missed one workout with me, has had a dramatic improvement in his blood pressure! He has very high blood pressure regularly and now his blood pressure is normal.

Are you wondering what I do to keep track of my weight and blood pressure? At the local Kroger and Walmart in my town there is a machine that takes blood pressure and weight and a range of other bodily functions and it is very accurate.

As for my diet, I have only been drinking water and sports drinks for two years and I have tried to cut back on fast food. After every workout I make a protein drink to help my body recover. As of Monday I am running 3 miles a week and walking 3 miles a week. I decided a few weeks back to stretch the workouts to help my body more easily adjust after I started getting shin splints and my feet go numb after running. I plan on having a checkup soon.

I am excited to keep running and hopefully see even more results in the next few months! pictures being posted soon!

April 5K Training Almost Complete!

Until now, I have been running Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday every week. I have enjoyed the energy I have gained from working out and I think I may have lost a pound or two. I continued the same chart I posted in my first post. However, last week I missed a day of training and I also realized I had hit a difficult point. Running 300 meters 4 times IS HARD! Since I could not breathe and my legs did not want to work by time I was finished running, I decided to add an additional week of 300 meter runs before I attempt to run one entire mile without stopping. Yes, this means I am changing my calendar but it will not be a set back because I am simply replacing the first week of May with one mile runs where as before the first week of June was supposed to be easier. I hope this makes since to you if not you can read the calendar at the end of the post to see my slightly new training schedule! Can not wait to do my first 5K

On a different note, my poor little kitty has pneumonia and the veterinarian told us to euthanize her because she was not reacting to the antibiotics! I prayed over her and she is doing much better! I will post pictures soon!

My first week of training for 5k

Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday I ran a 1/4 of a lap and walked 3/4 of a lap. I repeated this 4 times so that I had walked/ran one mile. Wednesday I had no problem running it was almost too easy, Friday I felt a little burn in my calf’s and I had to run in the rain but that didn’t stop me because I bought one time rain coats(the pic at the bottom of post) , and Friday I had trouble breathing on my last lap but it could have been because I was around a lot of smokers the night before and their is no ventilation where I was.

The track at my local high school, which is the high school I graduated from, is in much better condition then when I was in school.

one time rain coat

One time rain coat^^^(, it kept me warm and dry while  walked home. That is not me by the way. 🙂