Working out can be easy, fun, and very benificial!!

In high school I ran track and I stayed with it even though it sucked because my friends pushed me to do it. The first thing I learned about running is if you find a dedicated running partner or join a team then it is very hard to quit because everyone hates letting their friends down. So when I decided to run again I knew that I needed a partner to run with but what I did not know is this time I WOULD ENJOY RUNNING! Why do I enjoy running now when I hated it in track? The reason is way simple! I am running the distance and pace that is right for my body. In high school track I had to run the same pace as the team, I had to run the same distance as the team, and worst of all I had to practice on the same days as the team even if it meant putting other fun activities aside.

When people run too far or to fast they push their bodies past their limit. The key to running is to start out slow and run a small amount then gradually increase your distance and adjust your pace overtime. Eventually you will find your pace and you will be running long distances in no time. I love to run now because I run with my boyfriend and we get to spend time together without phones or tv or interruption. I also love running because of all the great benefits I have enjoyed and that my boyfriend has enjoyed!

I have been running for one and a half months and already I have lost weight, stopped becoming out of breath when playing with my smallish brother, and gained a bit of confidence from being able to achieve my goals and enjoy myself. My boyfriend, who has high blood pressure, doesn’t have high blood pressure anymore!

Here are some more amazing facts about running!

  • It prevents breast cancer in women
  • Prevents heart attacks
  • Prevents blood clots
  • Naturally relieves stress and anxiety
  • Eliminates depression
  • This list could go farther…

The last thing that makes running fun is having something to look forward too! For me, I am looking forward to going to a lot of fun 5k runs and obstacle courses! There are 5k runs everywhere so find one and have fun! There are mud runs, color runs, obstacle runs, charity runs, and even food and beer runs!!!

So, all in all, remember if you want to love running then find a partner, workout at your own pace and distance, have fun, and enjoy the benefits!



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