Half way Through Month Two of Running

Okay, I have some good news and bad news. I will start with the bad news to get it out of the way. I threw my workout plans out the window! Unfortunately, I have shin splints and my feet have been going numb and I have been having shooting sharp pains in m hip and lower back. My body is not recovering well from workouts and that has lead me too completely change my plans AGAIN!. The Good news is I changed my plans a couple weeks ago so that I am not increasing the amount of distance I am running but instead I am running the same distance with the intentions of increasing the distance when it is easy for me to run the distance I am running now. In other words I have been running one mile for two weeks and have not increased my distance at all. This is good news because I have been recovering a little better recently and also my feet did not go numb the last time I worked out. Also, since I can not increase the miles I run I have increased other workouts I am doing and will continue to gradually increase them. I am currently doing pushups, leg raises, and stretches of course. I am following the 30 day challenge on Pinterest so I will post it. My goal is to increase my running distance a lot slower so I am improving my body and not hurting it. I SUGGEST BEGINNER RUNNERS TAKE IT SLOW! DONT TRY TO DO TO MUCH AT ONCE!

I intend to weigh myself and “all that jazz” at the end of the month and I will still be run/walking my 5ks as planned. I have grown to look forward to my workouts and I am learning a lot from other blogs!



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