One month of training results!

So after one month of training for my 5K I am excited to report that I have lost 4 lbs.! Also I am able to run farther and am out of breath less often. I weighed 174lbs and now I way 169lbs. My boyfriend, who has not missed one workout with me, has had a dramatic improvement in his blood pressure! He has very high blood pressure regularly and now his blood pressure is normal.

Are you wondering what I do to keep track of my weight and blood pressure? At the local Kroger and Walmart in my town there is a machine that takes blood pressure and weight and a range of other bodily functions and it is very accurate.

As for my diet, I have only been drinking water and sports drinks for two years and I have tried to cut back on fast food. After every workout I make a protein drink to help my body recover. As of Monday I am running 3 miles a week and walking 3 miles a week. I decided a few weeks back to stretch the workouts to help my body more easily adjust after I started getting shin splints and my feet go numb after running. I plan on having a checkup soon.

I am excited to keep running and hopefully see even more results in the next few months! pictures being posted soon!


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