April 5K Training Almost Complete!

Until now, I have been running Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday every week. I have enjoyed the energy I have gained from working out and I think I may have lost a pound or two. I continued the same chart I posted in my first post. However, last week I missed a day of training and I also realized I had hit a difficult point. Running 300 meters 4 times IS HARD! Since I could not breathe and my legs did not want to work by time I was finished running, I decided to add an additional week of 300 meter runs before I attempt to run one entire mile without stopping. Yes, this means I am changing my calendar but it will not be a set back because I am simply replacing the first week of May with one mile runs where as before the first week of June was supposed to be easier. I hope this makes since to you if not you can read the calendar at the end of the post to see my slightly new training schedule! Can not wait to do my first 5K

On a different note, my poor little kitty has pneumonia and the veterinarian told us to euthanize her because she was not reacting to the antibiotics! I prayed over her and she is doing much better! I will post pictures soon!


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