Crazy Weird Runner. My future for training and 5k.

Ummmm so, this is not my first blog but I hope it will be my last because I do not want to start another failed blog(where I start something and do not finish it.)

I guess I should introduce myself and the crazy weird runner page. I am Jessica and I am a 25-year-old female from Milan, Indiana. 1955 basketball state champs!< I had to say this for annoyance purposes.

I am not in shape. The last three years have been nothing but fast food and laziness. I use to run track in high school. I was 5’8″ and 125 lbs. but now I am 5’8″ 174 lbs. and I am not happy about this. I want to run again to accomplish these goals;

  • lose weight
  • get a few charity runs under my belt for my resume & because I like to be charitable.
  • to have fun
  • and to get in shape for fitness test at the local police departments.

I am also hoping to encourage the people around me to get into shape and do 5k with me. I found a running plan online  and put it into my calendar. I will post a copy of my plans on here for everyone to see. Also, I start my training Wednesday and that is 2 days from today! I am nervous and excited. I do not like to do things on my own and I feel like I am taking a path that I will have to finish on my own  when everyone around me quits. I am ready for this!

I will update you all on my journey Wednesday!

April2015 ONE MILE RUN

Here is a copy of my workout plans for april^^


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